Training Courses

The Amédée Diving Club offers several training courses to accompany you throughout your life as a diver. A desire for evolution, autonomy, learning? The training offered will meet your expectations.

Discover this fascinating universe, come and dive with us!



The first step to the world of Nemo!

Accompanied by an instructor, you will dive into the Amédée lighthouse marine reserve. Multicolored fish, turtles and rays will come to say hello.
The area is sheltered from the wind, the depth does not exceed 5 meters and there is never any current. The duration is about 30 to 40 minutes.



Level 1 : 3 days, 6 dives.

It’s your passport to the world of underwater exploration. You will learn the basics of diving, the various signs and how to mount your equipment.
You will have the right following this course to dive with a monitor up to 20 meters.

Level 2 : 4 days, 8 dives.

You will learn how to assist divers and an introduction to deep diving.

Prerogatives: 20 meters in autonomy and 40 meters with a monitor.

Twenty dives are recommended to start this course.

Level 3 : 4 days, 8 dives.

This is the top of the pyramid for divers. Level 2 exercises will be reviewed and performed on 40m funds.

Prerogatives: 60 meters with or without monitor.



Diving with Nitrox ?

It is a question of diving while breathing air enriched with oxygen. That says increase of the percentage of oxygen says decrease of that of nitrogen. This results in increased safety with regard to decompression phenomena and less fatigue. The diving technique remains the same as the air and diving Nitrox remains very simple and easy to access.

For who ?

The first level of Nitrox diver training can be followed by any diver who has validated Level 1 (Open Water equivalent).

The training consists of a day with 2 Nitrox dives. It will allow you to dive and calculate your decompression with a mixture containing up to 40% oxygen.



Do you have a Reflex camera and its subwoofer?
Have not you yet found the right way to make your underwater reports wonder?
You want to improve in underwater shooting?

These tips are for you!

A passionate and professional punctual offers to advise you on the manual mode of your device.
Once the dive and snapshots done, you will discuss about a cup of tea or coffee under the clubhouse.