The Club

The diving club “Amédée Diving Club” is the first diving center in Nouméa. We take you to the day, on the islet Amédée within a marine reserve near the coral reef.

The day is as follows:

Appointment between 7:00 and 7:15 at the cottage in Port Moselle, once the administrative formalities are completed, we embark on the boat to join the island Amédée.

After 30 to 40 minutes of sailing, depending on weather conditions, we disembark on the pontoon and go to the clubhouse. Once there, one of the instructors takes care of a general briefing on the course of the day and then distributes your diving equipment.

Once the material has been distributed and the teams are composed, we go back again to equip the diving blocks and a specific briefing for our first dive. Once the briefing is done and the spot reached, we equip ourselves and start the dive.

About an hour later, we emerge and return to the islet for a snack and a debriefing while waiting for the fish lunch prepared by our chef. Follows nap or walk until 14h then we go back on the boat to, again, a specific briefing to the upcoming dive and then carrying out the said dive.

Back on the island, a snack awaits us again with tea, hot and iced, and fruit. We debrief the dive, the day then, after a rest, we return on the boats to return to Noumea.


The team and the facilities :

Faré du club sur l'ilôt Amédée

C'est ici que l'équipe briefe, débriefe et distribue le matériel de plongée mais c'est également l'endroit ou les plongeurs prennent leur déjeuner entre les plongées et les collations après chaque plongées. Un moment de repos et de farniente bien mérité

Phare Amédée

Le phare Amédée, en métal, construit sous Napoléon III. Il sert à baliser l'entrée dans la passe de Boulari.

Les bateaux du club

Le Moana Roa (Twin Engine) et le Here Moana (Single Engine)

Sur l'îlot.

Zélie - Monitrice

Année de naissance : on ne devrait jamais demander son âge à une femme...
Diplôme : BEES plongée et moniteur PADI
Originaire de : Bourgogne (France)
Signe particulier : tout le monde l'adore !


Année de naissance : 1971
Originaire de : Savoie (France)
Signe particulier : a toujours une attention pour que chacun se sente chez lui...

Didier - Gérant & Moniteur

Année de naissance : 1974
Diplôme : BEES plongée & moniteur PADI
Originaire de : Toulouse (France)
Signe particulier : ne se sépare jamais de son appareil photo.


Amédée Diving Club owns two boats:

  • The Moana Roa is a semi-rigid BWA 10m20 powered by two 250hp Yamaha 4 stroke engines. It is approved for 32 divers. Comfort, space and speed are the key words for this boat. Its cruising speed of 27 knots combined with the shape of its hull makes it an excellent partner when the sea is formed.
  • The Here Moana, is a 8-meter 70-meter BWA semi-rigid powered by a 300hp 4 stroke Yamaha engine. This boat is intended for the divers autonomous and small groups self-framed. It has on board a rack stainless steel 30 blocks and a lift ladder.

All our boats are approved by maritime affairs, first aid kit, medical oxygen, GPS, vhf and mobile phone are permanently on board.


To ensure your comfort and safety during the dives, the club has opted for the Beuchat equipment manufacturer:

Beuchat Center since 2009, we offer:

  • Material renewed twice a year (for combinations)
  • Compensated regulators for everyone
  • Titanium tops for winter
  • Diving suit 3 millimeters and shorty for the summer, baptisms and those who accompany us in PMT.
  • Integral diving suit 5 millimeters for explorations.



All equipment is rinsed and disinfected after each use. All regulators are disassembled, checked and the wear parts changed once a year.

We have 35 12L aluminum blocks (DIN & 200 bar) and 27 10L blocks (DIN  & 300 bar) . The inflation is ensured by 2 BAUER air compressors of 20 cubic meters each as well as our newcomer, a last generation compressor of brand COLTRI with membrane delivering a Nitrox up to 40% of oxygen.