You will find all the rates charged by the Amédée Diving Club.

The diving day with the club consists of 2 dives (the first in the morning, the second in the afternoon) and lunch included in the package.

The Amédée Diving Club takes you diving from Tuesday to Sunday, here is the list of rates offered by the club.


Fully equipped scuba divers (except block & sinkers), residents of New Caledonia and familiar with the spots, the club offers you these rates :

  • 1 day : 10500 xpf
  • 10-day package : 85000 xpf, or 8500 xpf/d
  • 20-days package : 140000 xpf, or 7000 xpf/d


Non-autonomous divers (N1, Open Water, Advanced Open Water) or passing through New Caledonia, the club offers you these rates :

  • 1 day : 16500 xpf
  • 10-day package : 105000 xpf, or 10500 xpf/d


For the less experienced, the club offers you the opportunity to meet the wildlife of the Amédée Lighthouse Marine Reserve :

  • Snorkeling : 6000 xpf, meal included
  • A first dive : 12000 xpf, meal included